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Re: lshell and "security" (was: Re: double <h2> in http://www.debian.org/index.html)

On Wed, 11 Dec 1996 19:45:54 +0100 Winfried Truemper 
(winni@xpilot.org) wrote:

> [..]
> > shells (/bin/sh, etc...) by itself, and then it exec()ed to original 
> > shell stored in the /bin/lshell directory (or whatever). I didn't 
> > like this kludge.
> Perhaps you could give a hint _why_ you don't like it. The way lshell
> works ensures highest possible compatibility.

This is a kludge because lshell moves shells around. The right place for this is in /bin/login. This is were it belongs.


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