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Re: Bug#6014: emacs shouldn't use C-h for "help"

Hi Vadim, You wrote:
 Vadim> The only problem I don't understand is why you consider it a
 Vadim> bug. The interface for the same program must be the same on
 Vadim> every bloody Unix, and that's what we're trying to make, a
 Vadim> Unix, no a home PC OS like M$-DOS. Think about the people who
 Vadim> login into Linux boxen from NCD displays which have Delete
 Vadim> mapped to delete previous characters. And, as Richard said,
 Vadim> why not consider Y for printing in pine a bug, too?

I can recognize a bug when i see it :-) ^H should be free of use
because some terminals use it for the backspace key, period.
I see no harm if we just remap it in ~/.emacs and ~/.jedrc

Let's not talk about it anymore, at least not on mailing list.


P.S Leave poor Microsoft alone, "Micro$oft/M$/Billy the kid" jokes
are not funny anymore.

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