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Re: diald 0.14-8 uploaded

> On Sat, 14 Dec 1996, Giuseppe Vacanti wrote:
> > * Change the location of diald.fifo to /var/lib/diald, in accordance with
> >   the file standard (I think).
> I think the fifo would  belong into /var/run/diald.fifo since it is a
> runtime active entity.

According to the File System Standard, files in /var/run may be removed
when the system is re-booted.  I don't think that is appropriate for
the diald command fifo.

The diald man page says:
     "... the best security  is  probably  obtained  by
     creating  the  FIFO's  ahead  of  time and choosing
     appropriate owners and permissions rather than  let­
     ting diald create them."

It's rather inconvenient if the fifo is always getting removed.

Lee Olds

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