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Re: could X remove the lockfile on reboot?

> > /tmp is normmaly cleaned up at reboot.  Have you disabled this?  There
> > are several reasons why /tmp is cleaned.
> >From /etc/init.d/boot:
> # Time files in /tmp are kept.
> ..
> ( cd /tmp && \
>   find . -xdev \
>   ! -ctime -$TMPTIME \
> That's the number of days to keep files in /tmp. If you were running X
> right when the system was rebooted, the X lock files in /tmp will
> likely not be 20 days old.

When was this changed?  It used to delete _all_ files in /tmp.  There are
a couple reasons why this should be.  Temp files like that used by X is
one good example.  Another is to help ensure the system has enough disk
space to bood (in case it crashed due to a full filesystem).

If people have temp files they want to live across reboot, those should
be in /var/tmp.
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