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giving away packages

Hi fellow Debians,

I still have problems building packages on my system.  I also don't
have much time to do proper maintenance right now.  Therefore I give
up maintenance of all "my" packages.  I hope that some of you would
like to take over a few of them.  All the packages are following the
old packaging guidelines and need to be transferred to the new ones.
I hope that I can find some time to do maitenance in the future but
currently I feel that I'm slowing the project down by not maintaining
some packages.  Here is the list, pick the ones you like:

First the easy gnu packages
Package: gettext
Package: textutils
Package: glibcdoc
Package: hyperlatex
Package: id-utils
Package: texidoc \
Package: texinfo - one source
Package: info    /
Package: elisp-manual
Package: fileutils
Package: sharutils    taken over all ready
Package: emacs-lisp-intro

The TeX related ones:
Package: mflib
Package: mfbasfnt
Package: babel
Package: mathpad     not easy, some X11 knowledge recommended
Package: untex
Package: latex2rtf
Package: texlib
Package: latex
Package: ntgclass
Package: giftrans
Package: xypic
Package: mfdcfnt     taken over all ready

Package: dlh
Package: wenglish    see miscfiles from the gnu archive

For the dutch among us: The following two will change in the near
future because I'm currently involved in creating a free list of dutch

Package: wdutch 
Package: idutch

Keep up the good work.

Erick Branderhorst

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