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Re: Exim (was Re: Qmail)

> >  * Does it support a file with compatible layout to /etc/aliases?
> >    I really don't want to have to rewrite that file as I have *lots* mailing
> >    lists hosted here.
> Yes.  Exim's eximconfig script creates (if there is no aliases file
> already) exactly the same aliases file as smailconfig.

Whoa...back up a little bit there... :-)

I am currently using Sendmail (and its /etc/aliases format).  I don't know if 
Smail uses a compatible format, but in any case, I have no smailconfig file or 
program anywhere on my system, so I really don't know what that program does 

Basically all I'm concerned about here is being able to use my existing config 
file from sendmail with Exim.

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