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1.3 boot floppies.

This might be a little early for thinking about this but I have a few 
ideas about what the 1.3 boot floppies should be like.

I know the plan right now is to make it very modular, i.e. have 
everything that can be made a module be a module and user initrd.  
However, this has the unfortunate consequence of the modules not being 
able to autoprobe as well as the compiled in code.  What I would suggest 
is to have 3 sections on the bottom, <select> <help> <exit>, with the 
help button leading to screen that explains what options can be used for 
that module.  This could easily be ripped off out of the modules howto.

Going with that idea, it might be a good idea to include the bootprompt 
and module howto in the base set. or would that just be a waste of space?

Thats all for now,

Shaya Potter

PS. oh thanks for the help with ppp, I really didn't need any, all I did 
was type in 'term' instead of 'TERM', so chat got stuck waiting for 'term' 

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