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Forwarding mail from SuSE GmbH

Good morning folks,

yesterday I have received a mail from SuSE GmbH[1] asking about the
status of rex. bs has asked me before to include Debian Linux, but
that time they didn't have enough free space on their cds:

bs@suse.de (Burchard Steinbild):

  Ich möchte jetzt die Decathlon machen. Soll ich "buzz-fixed" oder "rex"
  drauf tun? Habt Ihr irgendwelche Wünsche?


  I would like to produce our Decathlon. Should I take "buzz-fixed" or
  "rex"? Do you have special wishes?

I have answered that he should take rex but also take two packages
that he won't find on his mirror: smail 3.2-3 and xdependencies[3]. I
have also asked him to make a test installation because I did have
lots of problems two days ago when I installed rex (sorry, I didn't
have any time to investigate those bugs, the machine had to get up
again quickly).

Best regards,



[1] SuSE GmbH is one of germans leading companies that sell and
    produce Linux software. Some years ago they created their own
    distributionn based on Slackware, now it is based on
    Jurix. Additionally they sell quarter-yearly Linux archives
    (sunsite and tsx-11 mirror, some commonly used distributions)

    SuSE has showed that a company that acts commercially can also
    deal in a very fair manner with free software.

[2] Decathlon is the name of the upcoming mega-archive. As you might
    also guess it consists of 10 cds, full with nearly all
    distributions and several ftp-mirrors.


    I know that is should already stay in the archive on master, but I
    can't get through.

    finlandia!joey(ttyqd):~> rlogin master
    master.debian.org: Network is unreachable

    If you have this package, please send it either to me or bs

  / Martin Schulze  *  joey@infodrom.north.de  *  26129 Oldenburg  /
 / If you come from outside of Finland, you live in wrong country /
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