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Re: "Brian C. White" <bcwhite@verisim.com>

liw@iki.fi (Lars Wirzenius)  wrote on 14.12.96 in <m0vZ0Gl-000AlIC@liw>:

> Dale Scheetz:
> > This only works if the two are identical. If I upgrade to a new orig
> > source tree without removing the orig.tar.gz file how should the choice
> > then be made?
> If you upgrade to a new version, you should change the name of
> the directory. But there could still be situations where the
> directory and the .orig.tar.gz both exist. dpkg-buildpackage
> could check that the files in the directory and in .orig.tar.gz
> are identical. Slow, but that's life.

A simpler solution might be to refuse to do anything in that case. Let the  
human decide what to do - by moving one of them out of the way.

MfG Kai

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