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Re: Exim (was Re: Qmail)

On Thu, 19 Dec 1996, John Goerzen wrote:

> Whoa...back up a little bit there... :-)

<Screech> Whirrrr.... :-)
> I am currently using Sendmail (and its /etc/aliases format).  I don't know if 
> Smail uses a compatible format, but in any case, I have no smailconfig file or 
> program anywhere on my system, so I really don't know what that program does 
> :-)

It is run by smail's postinst script to set up appropriate configuration
files.  Exim's postinst script does similar things.

> Basically all I'm concerned about here is being able to use my existing config 
> file from sendmail with Exim.

As well as debian, I also run Exim on a largeish IRIX system (1386 users,
handling around 50,000 messages a week - admittedly not very much).  The
machine has a fairly sophisticated aliases file from old sendmail days,
and I did not need to make any changes whatsoever.

I don't believe anyone has pointed out that exim also includes a rather
nice 'eximstats' perl script (and other miscellaneous scripts) for
presenting you with statistics generated from the log file.  As a small
example from my SGI box:

Exim statistics from 1996-10-06 00:03:11 to 1996-10-13 00:01:52

    TOTAL               Volume    Messages    Hosts
    Received             170Mb       22251     1754
    Delivered            187Mb       25993     1394

Deliveries by transport

                        Volume    Messages
    address_file          4144           3
    address_pipe        2867Kb         550
    local_delivery       114Mb       17250
    smtp                  70Mb        8190

Top 50 senders by message count

 5595 63925306   local
  601  3365598   listserv.rl.ac.uk
  522  2464337   mauve.csi.cam.ac.uk
  488  4810728   lilac.csi.cam.ac.uk
  479  1308204   mserv1.dl.ac.uk
  451   872307   ursa.cus.cam.ac.uk
  385   798002   taurus.cus.cam.ac.uk
  270  6895139   eldorado.bids.ac.uk
  269   701102   berk.mail.netforce.net
  245   480027   bioc.cam.ac.uk

etc etc


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