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Re: Bug#6014: emacs shouldn't use C-h for "help"

On Thu, 19 Dec 1996, Boris D. Beletsky wrote:

> Hi Vadim, You wrote:
>  Vadim> First of all, I wouldn't consider it a bug, because it it like
>  Vadim> this in every other Unix
> Yeah, sendmail security holes were also the same on every Unix (sure!
> it's the same sendmail, and that is the same emacs), that doesn't stop
> people braking those Unites using the SAME security holes.

Is C-h a security hole?  In what way?

I remember there was a thread about pine using "y" to print being
called a bug.  Their response was that if it isn't _broken_ it
isn't a bug (unless it breaks policy somewhere, in which case it
could be considered "broken" and therefore a bug).  They agreed
that in retrospect, using "y" to print was a bad idea, but not a
"bug".  It sounds like the same could be said for C-h in emacs.
In fact, I'm not sure it was even such a bad idea.  Emacs is so
cryptic and the keystrokes so anti-intuitive that it seems C-h
calling up help is the least of its problems.  In fact, the
entire interface should be considered a bug :-)

I'm sure I missed the relevence of this thread, but just couldn't
help dropping my 2.27 Yen in.


Richard G. Roberto
011-81-3-3437-7967 - Tokyo, Japan

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