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Re: Bug#5839: vim now depends on xlib6 (>= 3.2-0)

> So?  vi doesn't *need* X.  It's a small, fast text editor perfectly
> suitable for installing on low-resource systems (e.g. headless
> internet routers), and also perfectly suited to editing config files over
> a loaded 28.8Kbps link.

Emacs doesn't _need_ X, either, though it can make good use of it.
As a result, it is linked against X and thus must have xlib installed.
The ideal solution, I suppose, would be to have better dynamic
linking such that it didn't create an error until a call is actually
made to the unfound lib.  I don't know if this is possible, though.

> Doing it as a separate package might keep it small enough to be included
> on the base disks.  if it's dependant on xlib and/or other large
> libraries then it's never going to go onto the base disks.

Things are often recompiled "special" for the base disks.  I think vi
is too big even in its trimmed-down state.
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