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Re: Anyone working on a Meta-HTML package?

On Fri, 13 Dec 1996, Chris Fearnley wrote:

> I'm seriously considering packaging Meta-HTML. Since it looks like
> a big project, I wanted to make sure no one else has embarked on it
> first. Sven you can put me down as "claims to be working on it". The
> URL is http://www.metahtml.com. Has anyone looked at this package yet?

Thanks for pointing out this program.  It looks great - I can make good
use of this tool.

Also, metahtml may be just what we need to develop web based interfaces to
debian configuration and system status monitoring.  One of the things i
want to write with metahtml is an /etc/passwd, /etc/group maint. tool. 
Maybe also a web-based /var/log/* logfile viewer/analyser.  i go on
holidays in a few days...will finally have time to start working on these


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