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Re: libgdbm 1.7.3 reworked with debmake

On Fri, 13 Dec 1996, David Engel wrote:

david >A very quick check revealed one problem/question.  Why did you change
david >the package names from libgdbm1[-dev] to libgdbm[-dev]?
Because I did not know.... Just erased the package from Incoming. In a few
minutes you will have the correct named package which are building right
now and also the missing .orig.tar.gz file.

david >> This is the first library done with debmake so if there is anything I'd
david >> rather fix it now than later.
david >
david >I believe libelf0 was built with debmake.

But debmake was not fitted to the task. I want to simplify things as much
as possible and I found some issues with debmake.

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