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Re: Debian, GNU libc + X libs (fwd)

david@elo.sw.ods.com (David Engel) writes:

> I had already intended to do this.  That is, if I'm still
> (reluctantly) maintaining libc for Debian when glibc is ready.
> Perhaps Ulrich should make glibc so that it MUST be compiled with
> thread support for Linux.

The configure script will bark if linuxthreads is not available.  RMS
did not agree that I distribute linuxthreads in glibc and not even on
the FSF server.  So I cannot couple both more tightly.  All I can do
is to print some messages.

> Another problem we will have is what to name the X libraries.  Since
> libc is being changed, the X libraries will need new sonames at the
> very least, and most likely new filenames as well.  We were able to
> keep same sonames/filenames in the change from libc4 to libc5 because
> of the switch from a.out to ELF.  That won't be possible this time.

Good point.  HJ added somewhere in the name a `g'.  Please discuss
this with HJ and the XFree people.


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