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could X remove the lockfile on reboot?

I have several boxes that boot straight into xdm. Occasionally I'll run
into a problem where the computer gets shut down wrong, or a user just
hits the reboot button, while X is running. When the machine next comes
up, there is a /tmp/.X0-lock file that prevents X from starting up again,
and this confuses my users.

Could the X package have a /etc/rc.boot script that removes the
.X?-lock file when the computer boots up? I've added this to my system.

#!/usr/bin/perl -i=-/*/~%*~%/~~%/~~~-/*/_/=~~~-/====~~! # jeh22@cornell.edu
$o=35;$_="$^I-*!=====_!/";s/~/!*/g;s~%~-/ / ~g;$_.='---      Joey Hess
';s/=/__/g;y|*!| \\|;for(split/-/){print' 'x$o--."$_\n"}# a M.C. Escher fan

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