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Debian 1.2 Installation


problems with installing debian 1.2 :
(hmmm.. maybe i also installed some bo files)

msql : by default /usr/sbin/run-msqld ist started to run msqld. if you
	don't have mail installed, the script breaks. (give a comment to
	edit /etc/init.d/msql)

dpkg: using dpkg -iGOEB files... (i had not mirrored all packages,
	and dpkg breaks when there are some broken symlinks :-(((
to install tex dialog came up to select the languages, but it
didn't respond to the keyboard. (i had to kill it from a diffrent

dpkg: when i remove a package, recommended by other packages, why does
dselect suggest to remove these packages as well ? that's very annoying.
i wanted to install a pc without mail programms. it's annoying to say
everytime "no, don't install smail and mailx" (cron recommends mail).
when smail got selectet (i must have forgot to dselect it one), and i
deselected it later, dselect shows me a list with all programms
recommending smail dselectet (cront, at etc.). the list is ok, but don't
dselect the programms... (it is enough to show me, that smail is
recommended by other programms. but recommended means, that programms
will run happy without it, so i don't se a reason to deselct them).

xfractint : /usr/doc/xfractint is a file.
	i couldn't find the demo file...

fvwm95/menu : modules are not listed in the generated menu
	(fvwmaudio, fvwmpager... only fvwmbanner is availble)

nedit: should have a menu file.

x11: i had to add /usr/X11R6/lib to /etc/ld.conf to get things running

libjpeg/libjpeg6a: in my dselect list appeared 2 libjpeg packages
(version 6.4 or so), and 2 libjpeg6a packages (same version). that's
confusing. at least the description should point out, why there are
four packages.

regards andreas

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