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Re: Another loop when connecting to master

> I actually was able to upload two packages directly to master today. Then
> later that night another outage and I used the upload queue at lalug.org
> again.
> Could we please decentralize the debian project? We need to have a network
> of mail exploders so that an outage can be tolerated. Similar with the
> upload sites. It would be nice if any other full mirror site could be
> provisionally be made master within a short time if connectivity problems
> result. Also a network of upload sites automatically forwarding packages
> to the current master would be good.

As with all Debian proposals, it needs volunteers (and I lack the
resources to do so, sorry).  We already have two alternative upload
sites I believe (chiark and the LA one), but only one mail exploder
that I know of.  As for switching masters, what is required of a
master site?  (And should master.debian.org move with the master? Or
is that part of the current problem?)

It would be nice if in addition, a provision was made for eventually
breaking master up, presumably on sectional lines (say, a
devel.master..., tex.master..., etc), especially so that important
parts of the distribution that have unavoidable restrictions on them
can be localized (crypt-us.master.debian.org,
crypt-free-world.master.debian.org are two that come to mind).  The
complete mirrors can be set up to build a full mirror out of the
disjoint parts, and importantly, ftp-us.debian.org and
ftp-free-world.debian.org can automatically have distinct crypt

There are a -lot- of difficulties with my proposal, however.  Currency
being a major one that I know of.

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