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Re: Bug#5950: dpkg-buildpackage' removes original source

> > In one case in does upload original source and in another case it does
> > not even though I typed the exact same thing on the command line.
> Any command, if examined at too low of a level, does different things
> even when you type the exact same thing on the command line.  ls for
> example.

Having internal state modify how a program runs generally makes the
program harder and more confusing to use.  While "ls" may change
it's output based on the state of the current directory, this is
to be expected since that what "ls" is for.  If "vi" behaved differently
depending upon what directory it was in, then that would be confusing.

The state that 'dpkg-buildpackage' used to determine whether it would
or would not include the original source was not obvious, but having
been told about it, it does make sense.  Okay, now I understand what
it is doing.  No problem.

> > Regardless of any misunderstanding, dpkg must *NOT*
> > erase the original directory tree.
> Why not?  What do you need it for?

I want to keep it around.  I don't want a ".orig.tar.gz" file on my
machine.  They tend to get deleted.  I've already lost at least 2.
If the original source tree did not exist when the program started,
then the program is free to erase any source tree it creates.  If
that tree existed to start with, then I take great exception to having
it removed.  Apparently, *I* wanted it to exist for some reason or
another and it is not a computer's duty to second guess its human
                                 ( bcwhite@verisim.com )
if you have a 50% chance of guessing right,you will guess wrong 75% of the time

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