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Re: Instructions for making Debian CD-ROMs?

Winfried Truemper:
> > Are there any instructions for creating Debian CD-ROM images available?
> > Recommended directory structure, suggestions to make installation easier,
> > etc.  I have never done that before, but I'd like to get it right :).
> Beside the organisatorical aspect, you may want to have a look at the
> updated CD-Writer mini-HOWTO for the technical part.

Thanks for the suggestion.  I don't have a CD writer (I'll give the
CD image to someone who has one, probably with some DOS software),
so right now only the first step (mkisofs) is important to me.
(I know I really should order a CD from one of the contributing CD
manufacturers, but I want non-free and non-US too, and it's just
for my own use.)

While looking at the boot-floppies-1.2.1 package, I noticed that the
/Install/dinstall script has the "install the base system from CD-ROM"
option commented out, and the extract_cd function prints a message
"This test version of the installer doesn't do CDs" (only floppies).
No big deal, except that floppies are so unreliable...  Is there any
non-test version of the installer (that does CDs too) available, or
should I hack it myself?

If we encourage people to make Debian CDs, we should make sure they
get it right (so that they don't give Debian a bad name because of
installation problems).  Maybe we need a Debian-CD-making-HOWTO?
It would probably be best written by someone who already has some
experience making Debian CDs...


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