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Re: could X remove the lockfile on reboot?

> > # Time files in /tmp are kept.
> > TMPTIME=20
> When was this changed?  It used to delete _all_ files in /tmp.  There are
> a couple reasons why this should be.  Temp files like that used by X is
> one good example.  Another is to help ensure the system has enough disk
> space to bood (in case it crashed due to a full filesystem).
> If people have temp files they want to live across reboot, those should
> be in /var/tmp.

Ok, what's going on is that sysvinit ships with TMPTIME=0. However, if you
change it, the change is preserved when you upgrade. I changed it to `20'
months ago and forgot about it. I think that as long as TMPTIME is a
configuration variable, new users are bound to change it to something
non-zero, which will lead to the problem with X I outlined, and X should
deal with cleaning up its lock files in some other way.

If not cleaning out /tmp is as serious a problem as you say it is, maybe
TMPTIME should have a comment noting that changing it can have dire

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