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Re: Bugreports

> Currently, you need an account on master.debian.org to mirror them
> (they're in /home/Archives/DebianWebMaster).


Ok, I'm still waiting for my account as a maintainer :-), but no need
to hurry for this...

I just wonder why one should need an account to get the web pages,
that are public anyway (or aren't they public??). Ok, I see the point
that in the current situation we can't move that stuff back under the
normal debian/ dir, because then it would flow to every mirror (if
those aren't reconfigured). But why not move them to a dir at the same
level as debian, e.g. "WebPages" there?

> Right now, in Kb:
>  29003  debian.org	 (normal files, not generated by scripts)
> 181905  debian.org-local (scriptgenerated stuff: mailing list archives etc)

Not too much... Ok, the mailing list archives are already under
debian/debian-lists, so I won't need them, which further reduces size.
I'm primarily interested in the bug reports.

> Maybe you can come back on this after 1.2 is released (so that a
> mirror account, proper aliases etc. can be made)?

No hurry!

Ah, wait a minute: I'm just browsing (anonymously) through
master.debian.org, and now see the WebPages directory... I'm sure that
this directory didn't exist yesterday, or have I been completely
blind? Just some symlinks (including Bugs) point into
../debian.org-local, which isn't present. Suggestion: Put the
debian.org-local besides Debian, i.e. at /pub/Linux/debian.org-local,
at let the symlinks go up one '..' more. Or does this cause any
further trouble?


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