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Re: Bug#5950: dpkg-buildpackage change request re orig directories

In most companies, there is a desire to keep the bug open until the
customer is satisfied.  Gnats even does this, for example.  I suggest
that this bug be kept open until we reach a mutually satisfactory
solution.  That's the best way of guaranteeing that a bug is not
reopened.  Solving a bug by fiat is not effective.

There have been many possible solutions to the problem suggested.
Please reread the suggestions and see if one of them is acceptable.

By the way, having an RFE filed against your package isn't a crime.

Ian Jackson <ian@chiark.greenend.org.uk> writes:
> In the meantime, thank you for your change request, but I decline.
> The default behaviour for dpkg-buildpackage will stay as it is.
> I am closing this bug report and would NOT appreciate it being opened
> again.  Thank you.

Kevin Dalley

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