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More info on making Debian thread safe.

We have moved to using LinuxThreads here (instead of MIT pthreads),
and things seem to be going well.  In order for this to work, though,
all the libraries that a threaded app might link against must have
been compiled with the -D_REENTRANT option.  This is already done in
the debian libc5 package, but not for any others I know of.  I'd like
to suggest that we make it policy that all packages that provide
libraries compile them with this option.

We have had success recompiling libg++, lesstif, and X with this
option (there's an additional patch for X, but I already sent the
pointer to Stephen).

Without compiling with this option, you cannot write threaded apps
that use the libraries and expect them to work properly, and it should
have no effect on non-threaded apps (as far as I know).

For 1.3 perhaps?


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