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Re: .bash_profile, the empty /etc/skel, and the first user

On Sun, 15 Dec 1996, Lars Wirzenius wrote:

> [ Please don't Cc: me when replying to my message on a mailing list. ]
> Santiago Vila Doncel:
> > (3) I don't understand the policy of having /etc/skel totally empty.
> What useful settings would you like to put there that are not better
> done elsewhere? Remember, if you add a setting to /etc/skel, then only
> new users will get it.

I have been thinking, maybe we can modify adduser to create a list of all 
users it creates and their home directories.  Then we can have a program 
that reads this list and put a dotfile in each present users home 
directory and in /etc/skel.  We can also put some confile type checking, 
such as if file in /home/spotter is = to the file in /etc/skel then it 
can be modified, but if not then it won't be.  This isn't as well though 
out as I'd like it to be right now, but maybe someone else can do 
something with it.

Shaya Potter

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