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Re: debian menus

> > ******************************
> > *** One problem still unsolved (icons).
> > 
> > I need your help::
> > 
> > Although in the menu-entries listed above I say that the icon
> > is simply the 4th entry on the line, surely this cannot be
> > true: For example xterm will never be sure of the presence of 
> > _any_ bitmap on the system, and thus should always specify "none",
> > to be safe.
> I dislike your solution. Rather, if a package wants to provide an icon, I
> think it should include the icon file in the package and install the icon
> into some standard location. 
Yeah, that would indeed be better (I knew you'd have better solutions
than I have). The only trouble is that this way all the packages
need to be modified to get the icons, but I agree that the
solution is better.

Still, we need somethign for the "submenu" icons (the way you
call it in pdmenu(1)). You have any thoughts about that?
joost witteveen
Use Debian/GNU Linux!

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