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Re: Exim (was Re: Qmail)

Winfried Truemper asks:
> Do you know the reason why there is no support for UUCP [in Exim]?
> Maybe "if you want UUCP, use Smail"?

I think that's about the size of it.  UUCP is getting fairly rare
nowadays, and it just wasn't one of the design goals (it does make
things considerably more complicated to have to cope with several
addressing formats, &c.)

You _can_ get Exim to do batch-smtp, and a bit of configuration glue
should be enough to get that to work over UUCP fairly easily.

My favourite configuration for a dialup site would be something like
batch-SMTP-over-UUCP-over-TCP-over-PPP: you get PPP's link sharing and
online access, TCP's short-term reliability, UUCP's good batch
handling, and 822/SMTP's sane mail addressing.  I don't know if Exim
can do this ...


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