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Manuals (was: Re: .bash_profile, the empty /etc/skel, and the first us

Some part of this should probably go into the programmer or policy  

liw@iki.fi (Lars Wirzenius)  wrote on 17.12.96 in <m0vZoan-000AejC@liw>:


> I think we should make a system with good defaults, but we
> shouldn't create an administration hell while we're doing it. If
> readline doesn't read /etc/readline.conf (or whatever), then
> readline is broken and should be fixed. It should be trivial
> to do, unless readline is written badly. (Needless to say, of
> course, the changes should be sent upstream, so that Debian won't
> forever have to maintain an incompatible version of readline.)
> On a more general note, when a program is configurable, the
> configuration info can come from four directions: the package
> maintainer, other packages, the sysadmin, and the user. A
> good configuration scheme allows all of these, although having
> just a global and per-user configuration file is usually quite
> enough.


MfG Kai

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