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Re: Bug#5907: debstd compresses .html when it shouldn't

On Tue, 10 Dec 1996, Lars Wirzenius wrote:

> Bruce Perens:
> > I really do think that all references to Debian docs should go through
> > a CGI script. Lots of problems get solved that way. I haven't had time
> > to write one yet - I'm taking a rest for a few days.
> I think that is the wrong solution, because it makes things slower.

it also prevents the documents from being cached by squid etc.  html
generated by cgi-bins isn't cached for very long (if at all!).

> We should allow browsing directly, without httpd. If you don't compress
> HTML, or if you change the links from .html to .html.gz, and then
> compress the files, then things work. No httpd or CGI necessary.


this would also make browsing with lynx easy and convenient.


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