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Re: Bug#6014: emacs shouldn't use C-h for "help"

Sudish Joseph:
> In article <Pine.LNX.3.95.961220000709.16110A-100000@bdb>,
> "Boris D. Beletsky" <borik@isracom.co.il> writes:
> > I see no harm if we just remap it in ~/.emacs and ~/.jedrc
> > (/etc/jedrc).
> I do.  Keymaps are a property of the editor; more generally,
> interfaces are a property of the application.  I do not see _any_
> reason for Debian to modify these interfaces.  

Maybe I should make it clearer: I have absolutely no problem with C-h
if the backspace key works right (which is the case under X, or
on terminals where the backspace key sends DEL, such as the Linux
console).  So there is no need to change that.  But if the erase
character is set to ^H, applications (including emacs) should
respect that and do the right thing.

> Mods for getting stuff to operate in the context of Debian?  Most
> definitely.  Trying to influence the interface seen by people when the
> mods made have nothing to do with how the app fits into a Debian
> system?  Absolutely not.

Well, emacs doesn't operate well in the context of Debian (as well as
other Unix systems) - the backspace key doesn't do the right thing when
running emacs in an xterm (which is part of Debian and other systems
that come with X).

> Users of emacs will go to the emacs newsgroups for help, and having
> a separate class of debian-modified Emacs problems is no good to
> anyone.  It'd also be a PR disaster, IMO.

I don't think so.  Fixing this bug might even reduce the traffic on
the emacs newsgroups - Debian users won't complain there about the
backspace key not working right in xterm :-).

If the upstream maintainers refuse to fix it for no good reason,
I thing we should feel free to go ahead and fix it.  It's probably
yet another case of "we screwed up, but we don't want to admit that,
so we just call it a feature, not a bug".  Can you say Microsoft?

Maybe the solution to keep everyone happy would be to ask the user
in emacs postinst, whether he wants the bug fixed?


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