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Debian 1.2 Install Report (Clean install)

I just put Debian 1.2 onto my new server system.  I used the NFS
method from dselect.  Worked like a charm.

The installation process is a huge improvement over Debian 1.1.
I think it was easier to install than when I installed RedHat 3.0.3.
Congratulations, guys.

I only encountered one show stopper.  When I installed the X packages,
I couldn't log in from xdm.  Here's the source of the problem:

Bug#5949: xlib6 doesn't add /usr/X11R6/lib to ld.so.conf?

The only clue that this is happening is that there is a .xsession-errors
file left in the users home directory.  I think a newbie would have a
tough time figuring this one out.

Other notes:

 - modconf scrolled up part of the screen 1 line in the middle of drawing 
   the screen where you configure the net modules.  Not a showstopper, but
   it's a little hard to decipher.  I'll file a bug report.

 - we still need a newbie interface to dselect that allows someone to 
   select groups of packages instead of forcing them to confront 848
   software packages

 - my system hung once, but I think it was due to an IRQ conflict with my
   network card

That's all,

 - Jim

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