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Re: Exim (was Re: Qmail)

On Sun, 15 Dec 1996, Ian Jackson wrote:

> I think that's about the size of it.  UUCP is getting fairly rare
> nowadays, 

Some weeks ago there was a religious war in "schule.informatik.allgemein"
(german school-hierarchy) about a DOS-tool that fetches mail for several
users from a single pop-account. The author assumed that the To:-line
could be used to deliver the mail after fetching it from the pop-account
(he said nobody would really want to use Bcc: ...).

Background: german schools can't pay a permanent connection to the
internet. But they want to use it. So they search for solutions which
allow batched processing of news&mail.
Due to rumors that UUCP is not supported by most ISPs, they develop very
ugly alternatives themselves. In fact, all big german Internet providers
offer UUCP ... although not on their homepage (because you can't use it to

A statement like "UUCP is getting fairly rare nowadays" could be
misinterpreted in the way that it was superceeded by something better.
I'm really concerned about the selfmade hacks to replace UUCP.

Of course the combination of SMTP/UUCP/TCP/PPP would be the most effecient
solution (compared to plain UUCP) and I would be great if Debian could
provide such a setup.


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