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Re: Bug#5907: debstd compresses .html when it shouldn't

On Tue, 10 Dec 1996, Lars Wirzenius wrote:

liw >Bruce Perens:
liw >> I really do think that all references to Debian docs should go through
liw >> a CGI script. Lots of problems get solved that way. I haven't had time
liw >> to write one yet - I'm taking a rest for a few days.
liw >
liw >I think that is the wrong solution, because it makes things slower.
liw >We should allow browsing directly, without httpd. If you don't compress
liw >HTML, or if you change the links from .html to .html.gz, and then
liw >compress the files, then things work. No httpd or CGI necessary.

Do all the webbrowsers under Debian support .html.gz? 
How do you propose the webservers react when they are to serve a .html.gz
to a client (who might not have the capability to uncompress a .gz file!) 

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