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Re: /usr/share no longer deprecated?

Lars Wirzenius writes:
-> The next revision of the FSSTND (which will be called FHS) will
-> have much better specifications for /usr/share. The FHS is not
-> yet finished, but rumour has it that it should be done before
-> we make the next freeze.
-> Should we start adapting to the FHS now, or wait until it has
-> been officially released? Daniel, are you reading this, and do
-> you have an opinion?

Is a preliminary draft available?  Is there an ETA on the final draft?
If the final draft is expected before Feb 1st, then we might want to
move towards compliance for bo.  However, I think the more likely
scenario goes something like this:

  Follow FSSTND. Where FHS doesn't conflict with FSSTND, (ie, FHS
is compatible, but more detailed) follow FHS.  In other words, start
the work now, where it doesn't violate FSSTND.

bo's sucessor:
  Immediately after bo becomes frozen/stable, begin work on converting
to FHS where necessary. Aim for full compliance by freeze of this
release.  At or shortly before release, begin filing bugs where
packages violate FHS.

It might be easier to make decisions on how to divide up the work if
we knew how much work there was.  Does anyone have a pointer to a
draft, or even better, a list of major changes?


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