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Experimental Database to store environment variables implemented

There is work going on to create a tool for maintaining the configuration
of a Debian-Linux system. The development should take place in the
dedicated mailinglist "debian-admintool". 

If you want to subscribe to the new mailinglist, then send a message
to the address


with the message text


Important contributions to this mailinglist are available from it's


Please read the documents mentioned below before asking any
questions. Currently only documents of me (Winfried) are in this
archive. I hope this to change soon.
To retrieve a document via e-mail write a message to the address above
and mention the word "archive" in the subject. In the text of your
message the keyword "send" indicates you want to retrieve the named

        send 1
        send 2
        send 3
        send 4
        send 5

Best Regards

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