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Adding a bug "Severity:" tag to bug system.

Vociferous Mole wrote:
> > I now think the best way to accomplish my goal here is to simply add
> > an optional pseudo-header (Severity:) to the bug reporting system.
> I think this is a good idea.

I vote for this idea as well!

Who is in charge of the bug tracking system, and how would such a change be
implemented such that it would be backward compatible (all old bug reports
do not have this header)?  Would somebody need to review all the old bugs
to determine severity?  How would an override system be established?  This
would be important so that if somebody reports "xboard beats me at chess
too much", and marks it with: "Severity: Critical" their mis-informed
opinion could be adjusted.  Additionally, if somebody reports, "xterm
mails my superuser password to USENET twice a day" and marks it as 
"Severity: Cosmetic"
this would need a little priority adjustment as well.  ;-)  What guidelines
for bug severity would be used? Maybe something like:  
	Bug describes a major security hole, such as giving normal users
	   superuser access.
	Bug renders whole system unusable.
	Bug would make Debian look stupid and be laughed at.

	Bug may render the package useless.
	Bug disables important documented package features.
	Bug describes documentation which is out of sync with package.
	Bug is a request for features which are not currently available,
	  and should be forwarded to the upstream package developer(s).
	Bug makes the package appear or do something ugly, while still
	   leaving the package completely usable.
	Bug involves documentation problems such as spelling, grammar, etc.
I think this addition should be a very high priority, as it will greatly
assist developers, and smooth releases by marking well in advance what
problems exist.  A release should then never be made when a bug marked
"Critical" exists. Any thoughts?  


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