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Installation "bugs" in 1.2 - Report

Hi All!

Just got through installing the latest 1.2 system and found a small problem

When I got into the driver selection area (in particular the network card
listing) I found that the listing display was kind of screwed up.  The the
two columns often didn't match up properly.  The ID column was one off (down
screen) from the descriptions.  Kind of annoying but don't think it affected
proper installation.  This didn't happen in 1.1s installation.

I also had some problems with the response to the keyboard being jumpy.
Kind of a keyboard bounce problem where you get extra <enter>s.  Makes for
kind of a pain in the installation to say the least.  Think I had this
problem to some extent in the 1.1 installation too.

Probably a keyboard problem since it is a pretty old keyboard.  Then again
maybe not.  Thought I'd mention it none-the-less.


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