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Re: .bash_profile, the empty /etc/skel, and the first user

David Frey:
> Just for reference my /etc/environment (slightly shortened):
> export EDITOR=/usr/bin/vi
> export EXINIT="set showmode autoindent ruler noerrorbells"
> export PGPPATH=~/.pgp

Some problems:
 - not all shells understand "export name=value" (it's a bash-specific
   extension), "name=value ; export name" works with any Bourne shell.
 - /etc/environment is also used by sshd, but it doesn't handle "export"
   (expects only name=value pairs and comments).  The ~ and $name
   expansion might not work either, I'm not sure right now.

I'd suggest to add "set -a" (export automatically) before sourcing
/etc/environment (and restore previous setting using "set +a" after
that).  "set -a" should be added to the default Xsession as well.
> Yes. When we are at it, I strongly suggest to make all relevant
> applications 8-bit-clean, as already suggested by Lars.

Me too.  Not everyone speaks ISO-8859-1 either...  (As a side note: is
anyone working on packaging ISO-8859-2 X fonts for Debian?  They are
available in many places, but still have to be installed by hand.)


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