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Re: Bugreports

> I've just set up a new Debian mirror at ftp.uni-erlangen.de, and we've
> still some free space on the Debian disk (:-). If the WebPages aren't
> too big, I'd consider mirroring them, too.
> But: I can't find them anywhere :-( On ftp.debian.org and all mirrors
> I've checked, the WebPages directory is empty. I also did a 'ftp
> www.debian.org', but there isn't even an empty directory with this
> name...

The WebPages were move outside of the normal FTP are because of their

> Can you tell me from where I could mirror those web pages? And can you
> tell me (roughly) what "big" means?

Currently, you need an account on master.debian.org to mirror them
(they're in /home/Archives/DebianWebMaster).

Right now, in Kb:
 29003  debian.org	 (normal files, not generated by scripts)
181905  debian.org-local (scriptgenerated stuff: mailing list archives etc)

Maybe you can come back on this after 1.2 is released (so that a
mirror account, proper aliases etc. can be made)?

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