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Re: Bug#6000: Xemeraldia score file shoudln't be reset when reinstalling

On Mon, 16 Dec 1996 03:28:02 +0200 Lars Wirzenius (liw@iki.fi) wrote:

> Let's all congratulate Philippe Troin on getting the number 6000. :-)

I've been firing a rapid bunch of bugs when I saw we were getting 
around 5990. I wanted to have #6000 :-)

> There is no need to mourn that Debian's had 6000 bugs. The number
> of open bugs might warrant some attention, of course, but with
> about 900 packages and 150 developers, there's bound to be a
> mistake or two made every now and then. _Personally_, I find
> it encouraging that we have _only_ had 6000 bugs, or about 7 bugs
> per package, and 40 bugs per developer. Debian's been going on
> for several years, and if every programmer in the world only made
> then or twenty bugs per year, the software industry would be rather
> healthy.

Specially that on the 6000 bugs, most of them are closed. I opened 7 
bugs this afternoon. Most of them were minor problems (uncompressed 
manpages, missing manpages,...)

> Our next competition might be to see who closes the last bug over
> three months old. :-)

This one should be much harder.


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