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Re: Experimental Database to store environment variables implemented

Winfried Truemper:
> There is work going on to create a tool for maintaining the configuration
> of a Debian-Linux system. The development should take place in the
> dedicated mailinglist "debian-admintool". 

I don't know how this relates to cfgtool, and I'm not going
to subscribe to yet another mailing list to find out. I assume
that any policy stuff that will affect many developers will be
brought to this list before any decisions are made?

Lest I sound offended at my marvellous program not being the
immediate choice for everyone: I'm not. cfgtool started as a
quick hack, and if someone has a better program, I'm all for
using it. Debian urgently needs better administration tools,
and I'm glad someone's working on it. Anyway, cfgtool solves
only a small part of the problem. However, I don't have time
to follow every mailing list, and I don't think splitting
developer's discussion among many lists is a good idea.

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