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Re: double <h2> in http://www.debian.org/index.html

Hi, I just have a quick suggestion for you.

I just installed a package called lshell a little while ago, and I find it
quite nice.  I was thinking, in the interest of security, that you may
want to have it as the default setup for debian (with high limits at
original install ?)

A quote explaining the package:

Welcome to LShell version 2.01. This program enforces resource quotas
stored in a configuration file. It is easier and more secure that writing
a shell script in /etc/profile and trying to compare user names in
hard-coded if/else type trees. 

LShell's operation is entirely transparent both to users and to shell

Anyway. .. just something to think about

Ian (Main.. the 2nd (3rd?) one :)

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