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Re: Exim (was Re: Qmail)

In your email to me, Ian Jackson, you wrote:
> Unfortunately the IMO best competitor to Qmail, Exim, has an author
> who seems very reluctant to blow his own trumpet.
> Exim is an MTA written by a member of the Cambridge University
> Computing Service, as a kind of `son of Smail' (but with completely
> new source code).  Key features:
>  * Extremely good SMTP connection reuse and consequent good
>    performance (unlike Smail or Qmail, and better than Sendmail). [3]
>  * Rewriting (unlike Smail).
>  * Human-readable configuration even for advanced features (like
>    Smail, unlike Sendmail) in a single file (unlike Qmail or Smail).
>  * Virtual domain hosting (unlike Smail).
>  * Doesn't need to run as root, and doesn't most of the time (unlike
>    Sendmail).
>  * Sophisticated filtering against spammers, mailbombs,
>    broken return-paths, &c.
>  * Optional X interface to command-line admin tools.
>  * Internet only (no UUCP &c, unlike Smail and Sendmail).
>  * GPL'd.
>  * Released.

This sounds interesting! Can you have it use procmail for 
local delivery? If so, we could use this as MTA for our
mailing list machine.

> ftp.cus.cam.ac.uk:/pub/software/programs/exim/
> Tim Cutts has produced an experimental Debian package of Exim and has
> been testing it.  Tim: is your package ready for putting into our
> distribution yet ?  Do you want to announce it here perhaps ?  Upload
> it into `experimental' ?
> Tim has also adapted the `smailconfig' script for Exim.

I'd be willing to test it, if you want someone else to hammer at it
before public release...

(the other) Tim

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