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Re: .bash_profile, the empty /etc/skel, and the first user

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Shaya Potter:
> The one problem which that causes, is that sometimes you have fake user 
> accounts, and some of them even have home directories.

There tend to be few of those, and they are all well known. An
exception list is a better idea than maintaining two separate
lists of users.

> Glad you could have some fun from what I wrote, I told you I hadn't 
> thought it totally through. :-)

Having fun is what we're here to do. Taking over the world is
a side-effect. :-)

> No, I meant not to modify the user's files, just a method to drop files 
> into the home directories if neccessary.  Such as, when I tried to use 
> The Gimp, it needed a .gimprc which it didn't automatically make.  I 
> therefore had to make an empty .gimprc and it worked.  However, this 
> might not always work.

Even merely adding the files may cause trouble. If nothing else,
it uses up their disk quota. The users' home directories are
sacred: Thou shalt not touch them.

If GIMP doesn't work without a ~/.gimprc, then it is broken and
needs to be fixed. The same thing applies (with few exceptions)
to programs that do not read both a global and a per-user

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