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Re: 2.1.X Kernels

Christoph Lameter <clameter@waterf.org> wrote:
> When will we support 2.1.X Kernels?
> dosemu). Dosemu's features that were formerly in the modules have been
> integrated into the kernel. If I could compile dosemu to use the advanced
> kernel support that would increase its usefulness.
> It might be useful to have two versions of those packages one for 2.0 and
> another for 2.1.X kernels but how?

It is also possible to compile to versions of the modules: a 2.0 module
and a 2.1 module. You can then place those modules in /lib/modules/2.0 or
/lib/modules/2.1 and nobody will ever know you use two a different module
depending on the kernel version... This makes compiling your source more
difficult (replacing kernel headers for example), but makes the choice
transparent to users.


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