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Re: md5 file signing.

Bernd Eckenfels:
> [Vincent Renardias:]
> >  I already changed a few lines in my dpkg-gencontrol so this file is added 
> >  automaticaly, but it would be nice if it could be added in the next 
> >  release of dpkg-dev. Is anyone working on it?
> I wanted to write a small draft, cause the file shuld contain size,
> owner.group and permissions (octal), too:
> aabbc44ff33445566 644 root.root 12345 /usr/bin/bla

Putting this as a separate file in the DEBIAN directory is silly.  The
information is already all there, in the filesystem archive part of
the .deb.

What is required is an option to make dpkg record this information at
install time.  I can do this but I'm busy and it's a low priority.


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