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Re: More info on making Debian thread safe.

david@elo.sw.ods.com (David Engel) writes:

> Agreed.  However, I wonder how much sense it makes to build inherently
> non-thread-safe libraries, such as Tcl/Tk, with threading enabled.  I
> know it would be possible to use them in a threaded application if
> they were only used by a single thread, I just don't know how likely
> it is.

I think we should just compile everything thread safe.  That way we're
not second guessing programmers.  I'm actually planning on doing some
work involving exactly what you suggest, using Tcl/Tk from a single
thread.  I would guess as multiprocessor machines become more common,
threaded apps may too...

If we really had to, we could provide safe and unsafe versions of some
libraries, but that seems pointless and complicated unless there's
actually a *substantial* performance tradeoff involved.


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