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Re: 2.1.X Kernels

On Sat, 14 Dec 1996, Shaya Potter wrote:

spotter >I think that we can do the same thing that we have been doing with the 
spotter >pcmcia packages.  The package has to be compiled for each kernel we 
spotter >release.  Therefore there are a few pcmcia packages, one for every 
spotter >possible kernel download (from the distribution, not a roll your own 
spotter >kernel).  We can have dosemu-(dosemuversion)-2.0.* and 
spotter >dosemu-(dosemuversion)-2.1.*  we can put the dosemu*-2.1* in a special 
spotter >2.1 directory in experimental.  This can probably be done with all 
spotter >packages that have to be recompiled for 2.1.

The modules of those packages  are all compiled with CONF_MODVERSION on
and thus can be checked within a series of kernels for compatibility.
There is only the issue right now of the significant difference between
2.0 and 2.1. 

I won't maintain packages for each kernel version thats for sure. Perhaps
we should just say we do not support 2.1.X. If anyone wants 2.1.X then
compile your own.

The pcmcia package better be compiled with CONF_MODVERSIONS and the
dependency on the kernel version be eliminated. Otherwise you will have
problems whenever a new kernel is released. All current debian kernels are
compiled with CONF_MODVERSIONS on so the pcmcia package should not work if
it did not enable CONF_MODVERSIONS.

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