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Re: Exim (was Re: Qmail)

> Exim is an MTA written by a member of the Cambridge University
> Computing Service, as a kind of `son of Smail' (but with completely
> new source code).  Key features:


>  * Internet only (no UUCP &c, unlike Smail and Sendmail).

How is that a "feature"?  Lack of UUCP is a serious problem for those in a 
situation like me, who depend upon it!  At my location, it is the only 
reasonable mail/news feed available.  I am all for including more packages in 
Debian.  I think it's great there could be more MTAs included with Debian.  
But let's be honest about what we're including please.

On a different note, there has been a lot of criticism over Sendmail's 
configuration file.  I agree that sendmail.cf is a file that I would never 
want to edit, but please be aware that Sendmail includes macros that let you 
write a short, human-readable configuration that can be converted into a 
sendmail.cf file.

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