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Re: double <h2> in http://www.debian.org/index.html

On Tue, 10 Dec 1996 11:15:05 PST Ian Main (imain@vcc.bc.ca) wrote:

> I just installed a package called lshell a little while ago, and I find it
> quite nice.  I was thinking, in the interest of security, that you may
> want to have it as the default setup for debian (with high limits at
> original install ?)

Mmmh, the problem is that initial limits might vary from too high to 
too low from machine to machine.
Last time I looked at lshell, it worked by replacing the normal 
shells (/bin/sh, etc...) by itself, and then it exec()ed to original 
shell stored in the /bin/lshell directory (or whatever). I didn't 
like this kludge.
Furthermore, this way it doesn't work for xdm logins.

I think this facility should be included within /bin/login and xdm. I 
could work on it. Additionnaly, it might also be interesting to add 
an equivalent for SunOS's /etc/logindevperms.
FYI, this file allows to change devices permissions when someone logs 
on a certain device. For the Debian system, I'd rather suggest to add 
additionnal groups when login on certain devices (sound, floppy, 
Comments on that ?


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